Our new HEA Fellows

The percentage of staff who have HEA fellowship at the University of Bedfordshire is officially sector-leading.  The annual review of our HEA accredited programme, the Professional Teaching Scheme, reports that we have 85% of staff with HEA recognition, compared to 50% average for other Million+ universities and 29% sector average.

Since December 2016, the recognition for HEA Fellowship has been as follows. Our congratulations to all concerned.

Name Category of Fellowship
Lana Burroughs Fellow
Ashraf Mahmud Fellow
Yan Qinq Duan Senior Fellow
Amalia Garcia Fellow
Chihiro Inoue Fellow
Yelena Khegay Fellow
Andrew Malcolm Fellow
Mallika Devi Rasaratnam Fellow
Syamarlah Rasaratnam Senior Fellow
Emma Spikings Senior Fellow
Moira Walker Fellow
Jacqueline White Fellow
Michelle Sogga Fellow
Phil Miles Fellow
Tina Poyzer Fellow
Sathena Chan Fellow
Kathrine Laurier Associate Fellow
John Grisby Fellow
Jean Egbegi Associate Fellow
Kelly Clifford Fellow
Alia El-Banna Fellow
Nicolo Giudice Fellow
Katherine Hopkinson Fellow
Dhouha Kbaier Fellow
Suzanne Murphy Fellow
Claudia Sima Fellow
Rukeya Suleman Fellow
Muhammad Waqar Fellow
Adrian Warner Fellow
Ian Dove Fellow
Sisi Wang Associate Fellow
Mark Margaretten Fellow

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