Upcoming writing retreat, June 9th

Have you started work on your EPR portfolio (formerly known as the PTS portfolio) but not yet had a chance to complete it or would you like some guidance?

On Friday 9th June, we will be providing a one-day writing retreat in Putteridge Bury for staff and research students who need some time away to focus on their portfolio.

By the end of the day, it is anticipated that you will have a virtually complete EPR portfolio ready to tweak and submit for the deadline of 6th July. The review itself will be held on Thursday 20th July.

The retreat is open to those who have previously registered on to the PTS, those who wish to progress on to the next category of HEA Fellowship along with those who have started to gather evidence for their portfolio but not yet registered.

To sign up, complete our online form.

Registrations received after 5 pm on 1st June may not be processed.

Please note, we have updated our guidance so please visit our BREO site for further information on how your portfolio should be structured.

If you have any questions about this day, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at pts@beds.ac.uk.

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