Join the next PebblePad webinar

Want to learn more about using technology to support reflection? Pebblepad’s next webinar will be examining just that.

Topic: Using technology to support reflection on individual learning journeys
Date: Wednesday, 30th August 2017, 16:00 BST
Location: Online Zoom Meeting Space.
Presenters:Sarah Tutton, PGCE and QTS, Canterbury Christ Church University, lead student presenter; Geoff Rebbeck, Professional Studies Tutor, PGCE, Canterbury Christ Church University

Here’s a summary of what they’ll be talking about:

During their PGCE year, Sarah and her class have considered what education looks like in today’s digital society and identified areas in which technology has changed the world and how we need to prepare students for this new era. In the webinar, Sarah, supported by Geoff and her student colleagues, will showcase a particular assignment, in which students used workbooks and assets to improve their own educational experience and prepare for technological frontiers. They will highlight that it is not the technology that is important, but how we can use this technology to improve pedagogy and teaching practice.

Sarah has just won the CCCU PGCE prize for creativity on the PGCE. This is the top student prize and is given to the student who has shown and demonstrated by publication the greatest creativity in their teaching practice and we are delighted to have Sarah presenting her work.

You can sign up here.

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