Finding your Course Information

The University has provided access for both staff and students to a central file management system called Equella. Within a collection entitled “Course Information”, staff and students can access the following useful documents and information: Course Handbooks, Course Information Forms, Course Rep information.

User Guide for Staff – Finding Course Information

In this collection, you can find:

  • Course Handbooks
  • Course Information Forms (CIFs)
  • Course Rep information

The example below shows how to find a Course Handbook:

Click for Word file Equella UoB user guide for CH staff v1.3

1. Look on your BREO Gateway for the Find my Course Info box and click the Search link 1
 2. You will see the main Equella Dashboard with a Search button and a link to the Course Handbook collection on the left hand menu. Click Search. 2
3. Next, select the Course Handbook collection from the dropdown list.  3
4. This will display all Course Handbooks available but you can refine your search by clicking the Search box and typing in a keyword from your course title. 4
5. You will now see displayed a choice of Handbooks containing your keyword, in this example Education.Select the Handbook you want from the list provided by clicking on the title. 5
6. Clicking the Handbook will open up a new window which allows you to download the Pdf file and save it to your own computer. Click the file which you can now see to view or save it. 6
7. When you have finished, close the window by clicking on the browser back button, to return to the search result page.  7
8. Click the Log out button in the top right hand corner of the Equella screen, and close the window, to return to your Student Gateway.  8


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