Electronic Management of Assignments

Following consultation via QEC and TQSC, from September 2016 we’re moving from Turnitin submissions online to using Blackboard (BREO) assignments online. We will still be keeping Turnitin for similarity checking.

This will be a two-step project. First we’ll move to using Blackboard assignments and Blackboard Grade Centre, exporting marks from there into a csv file for upload into SITS. Then, during the coming year, there will be a process development project behind the scenes to automate the relationship between SITS, Blackboard and PATAdmin so that we can streamline the whole EMA business process. There will be change (always unsettling) but there will also be benefits for the whole University. Below is a simplified process of the full planned cycle.



Tutors will still be able to mark assignments online – but with better reliability than with Turnitin. Now, you’ll be able to do proper anonymous double blind marking and enter marks online at the same time. Second markers can leave brief moderating notes if they are needful that are never visible to students. When marking is done, unit coordinators can see first and second marks (and notes and feedback) and reconcile them using automated max-min or average marks – and then finesse any individual grades as appropriate. Then provisional marks and feedback can be released to students together (as per that new policy) – and students can see these in the same place as where they originally submitted. Finally, the provisional marks are exported as a csv file for upload into SITS.

As part of this process change, we’ll also no longer require hard copy from students (except where they make artefacts, as in Art & Design for example) so we’ll be pulling down the shutters on the holes in the wall too. For more detailed information, go to http://wp.me/P3EMu8-9V