Keepad Clickers – Using the Software

To use our Keepad Clickers in class or workshop setting, you need to use their software – it’s called TurningPoint. It’s free, downloadable interactive polling software, which can help with developing engaging and collaborative assessment tools to use with both colleagues, peers and students. It is used with an RF Receiver and sets of keypads which are purchased and owned by the University.

TP logo“Student response technology is straight forward and simple, enabling an instructor to digitalise student data both in the teaching moment and aggregated over time. The core functionality allows instructors to pose a question to students and students respond with ResponseCard keypads or web-enabled mobile devices.” (

Response data from sessions can be saved and later the responses analysed with customised reports.

Question slides can be integrated into existing PowerPoint presentations or used in new ones, specific to a session.

How can I use it in my teaching and learning?

  • Session evaluation
  • Interactive polling to check learning within a session
  • Revision and recapping of learning
  • Getting feedback, ideas and suggestions within a session for a new project

Support and training

You can download a range of support and training materials form the Turning Technologies website here.

The software is loaded onto each university presenter machine and keypad sets can be borrowed from the CLE team or the Library.

Dashboard image

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