To get your own TextWall account,  contact david.mathew@beds.ac.uk
or call internal extension 3064


During, or at the end of a class, how sure are you that all your students have understood? Asking if they have any questions is one way, but too often they are shy about admitting uncertainty. TextWall offers a solution.

  • We give you a username and password, telephone number and a short code and you can log in to a website and use Textwall.
  • You set up a question, which will be visible to your audience, and they can use their own device (phone, tablet or laptop) to send you a text response Almost instantly the audience can use SMS texting, type into a box in a browser or send an e-mail.
  • Audience members can decide answers singly or in small groups, sharing a device.
  • Answers via a browser are totally anonymous, via SMS text which shows the sending phone number and via e-mail which shows the sender’s mail address – but only in the background and only to the owner of the specific TextWall.
  • The answers can be seen by the audience if you wish and if you do, they can see them coming in live; if appropriate, you can focus on any individual answer to make it full-screen to discuss it there and then.
  • With one click, you can send the complete responses to Wordle to create a word cloud, where the most frequent words show largest: show common concerns or frequent answers.
  • You can set polling and show a histogram of frequency of response for options, such as answer a, b, c, or d, for example.
  • There is a cost for students sending the text unless – as many do – they have a free bundle of texts allocated by their phone contract; sending via a browser on a device is free when using wifi.

You can see a very brief and succinct demonstration video of TextWall (plus a bonus demo of Panopto!) at http://ow.ly/BB7go

[Click for Word version of this page] [Click for pdf TextWall manual]

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