UoB10DoT – how it works


Ten Days of Twitter (#UoB10DoT) is an online programme, run through this WordPress blog. It is tailored for staff (academic staff, librarians, student support staff and others) at the University of Bedfordshire. We will be covering the basics and some more advanced tips on using Twitter in an academic context.

Ten Days of Twitter in Real Time

Over the ten days of the programme, we will publish a post with the Day’s task so that you can work through it whenever you have ten minutes or more spare in the day. Don’t worry if you get a bit left behind – you can always catch up!

You might wish to bookmark the blog so you can find it easily each day, or you could ‘follow’ the blog to receive an update and link by email when I post.

Each post will contain instructions for a small part of learning to use Twitter, together with tailored suggestions of how it might work effectively for you in your professional context. Each task shouldn’t take you much more than ten minutes a day. However, Ten Days of Twitter is also about building your professional community and making new contacts so we really encourage you to send a Tweet or two every day to let us know how you’re getting on!

Remember to use the hashtag #UoB10DoT so we can locate your tweets. We also recommend that you spend a few minutes scanning through the Twitter feed of tweets from the people you follow, to see how they use Twitter and also to see what information you can pick up. Twitter is about not only what you have to say, but also what you can learn from others.

After the live programme, the materials will be left up here for you to refer back to later, or to catch up in your own time if you dropped behind.

Ten Days of Twitter in your own time

The advantage of joining in a live version of the programme is that you build up a real life network of contacts among the other participants, learning together. It also helps to structure your time a little! However, if there is no course running at the moment, or if you’d rather work through the materials by yourself in your own time, you’re welcome to do so.